The Fastest Train

The Fastest Train from China continent to Europe and Europe to China within 12 - 14 days max Station to Station ! Train Cargo shipments by Containers, Pallets or Boxes.

Fast train

End to end

The fastest End to End Solution

Major savings on Freight and Cash Flow. End to End solution (EU and China local transportation, hubs, bonded warehouse, train shipment).  

China Europe

Transit Time

Reliable and Predictable Transit Time
All Year long solution for train cargo between China and Europe regular weekly shipments.
Solution opened to everyone with the same rules and condition End to End, Door to Door solution.
Temparature Control Solution.
Security :


Lead Train Cargo Innovations Offer to Customer a cargo shipment solution (Box or full container) more affordable than Air shipment.

Cargo train

Cargo Train Solution

EDI Custom Clearance through all the way. Fastest and most reliable Cargo Train solution on the Market.


Possibility to combine and consolidate shipments to and from China in Train then dispatch in EU or in China. The best freight solutions to Russia and Kazakhstan growing markets.

Container Pallet Box


Supply Chain

Connect and monitor your goods in transit to your Inventory System Track your shipment real time.