China has recently been officially recognized as the world's second economic power. Fastest-growing national economy in the world, is also the largest exporter in the world and the second largest importer.


Located in southwest China, Chengdu is the capital of Sichuan province and is the 4th largest city in China. Due to the favorable geographical position and good infrastructure, Chengdu is a center of logistics, commerce, finance, science and technology, as well as a hub of transportation and communication. It is also an important base for manufacturing and agriculture. Enjoying a rapid economic growth, Chengdu is becoming one of the favorite cities for investment in western China. Among the World's largest companies, 133 multinationals enterprises have had subsidiaries or branch offices in Chengdu by October 2009. Chengdu is a major railway junction city and rail administrative center in southwestern China. Chengdu is at a perfect logistic location to put a hub or factory to deliver goods to Beijing, Shanghai and HongKong/Shenzhen.